Estonian e-Residency

e-Residency is a transnational secure digital identity that Estonia is providing to anyone in the world. It has opened up our e-services globally and is now moving towards the idea of a country without borders. It is an innovative solution of digital identity which is issued by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

However, it is just a process that could be implemented for many different purposes, taking into consideration the exact needs – whether for attracting investment to a country, creating identities to nationals or other.

Surely, there are security issues that come with e-Residency. Minimizing the risks and improving the processes is an on-going work. Nevertheless, it is clear that e-Residency has been beneficial for Estonia.

Who is the Conference for?

Government decision makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-Governance strategies,

Donor organisations supporting development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions

Companies developing e-Governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

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