e-Democracy in Practice: models, tools, showcases

eGA promotes the balanced development of e-Governance, wherein e-Democracy receives due attention along with e-Administration and e-Services.  It’s now time for governments to understand that a focus solely on e-Services is not enough; citizen feedback, active e-Participation and co-creation should be the DNA of up to date e-Governance.

In this track we will walk you through some recent e-democracy developments- and present you some lessons learned to get clear understanding of the expected challenges of e-democracy. And then – being very practical – we introduce the methods (OGP), models (PB) and tools (VOLIS) we have used in Estonia and elsewhere to face those challenges.

Who is the Conference for?

Government decision makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-Governance strategies,

Donor organisations supporting development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions

Companies developing e-Governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

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