Jana Krimpe
CEO of B.EST Solutions

Mrs. Jana Krimpe is an accomplished visionary in the field of e- and m-Government as well as in the fast-growing arena of mobile digital identification and signature technology (m-ID). With more than 15 years’ experience in implementing innovative ICT solutions in both the public and private sector, she has earned a strong reputation for success in international circles. In 2018, Jana Krimpe has been named in One World Identity’s Top 100 Digital Identity influencers list globally. In 2016, the Financial Times and Google listed her among the top 100 changemakers in Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to being the founder of the Azerbaijani-Estonian ICT company  Solutions, an award-winning leader in m-ID, Mrs. Krimpe is head of the Mobile-ID Consortium in Azerbaijan, Chairwoman of the Azerbaijani-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and founder of Azerbaijan Women in ICT Club FEMMES DIGITALES.

Mrs. Krimpe is passionate about providing expertise based on the real-world experience she and her colleagues gained when they successfully implemented e- and m-Government solutions in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This work has expanded and re-defined how identity and signatures are managed digitally, issued by governments and made legally binding, all to create a seamless business environment and an inclusive, efficiently-connected society.

She is determined in her efforts to turn challenges into opportunities and to share her belief that spreading ICT through m-ID, and global interconnectedness in general, have great potential to accelerate human progress, bridge the digital divide and develop knowledge-based societies.

Projects implemented:


– EHDIS, a data exchange layer that allows the creation of an e-Government that is transparent, reliable and inclusive. This scalable distributed network can accommodate an unlimited number of users, giving them access to public e-services offered by various government departments.

– Creation of Azerbaijan’s Certification Authority (under the Ministry of Taxes) and the Azerbaijani Mobile-ID Center (www.asanimza.az).

– Azerbaijan’s m-Residency program, which relies on mobile-ID, the state online payment portal, and the AsanDoc Portal for digital signatures and documents exchange.

– Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) BESTDOC PORTAL – a start-up project for a regional cross-border m-signing portal.

–  Azexport.az, Azerbaijan’s Digital Trade Hub, which makes international trade easy and secure by automating all relevant paperwork and payments. The hub boosts the export capabilities of local entrepreneurs by connecting its database with huge global e-trade platforms such as eBay, Alibaba and AllBiz.
– Mrs. Krimpe, together with the European Association for Identity & Security, was one of the founders and co-chairs of GANMI (the Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities). Working in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Norway, Oman, Switzerland and Turkey, GANMI aims to converge applicable standards in order to promote global interoperability of public and private digital services, extend supplier choice and reduce risk.

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